Create OneLink attribution link


Feed Me, a grocery delivery service,
wants to send a personalized link via SMS to existing customers to
encourage them to download the Feed Me app and buy bananas.
The developer writes a program to scan Feed Me's database that uses each line of data
to create OneLink custom attribution links. The following JSON displays data
in the body params that are used to create a OneLink custom attribution link for a Canadian user."

  "af_ad": "yellow_bananas",
  "af_adset": "my_adset",
  "af_android_url": "",
  "af_channel": "my_channel",
  "af_dp": "afbasicapp://mainactivity",
  "af_ios_url": "",
  "c": "my_campaign",
  "deep_link_value": "bananas",
  "deep_link_sub1": 10,
  "is_retargeting": true,
  "pid": "my_media_source_SMS"
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